User Behaviour and Psychology in Web Design

How To Optimize Your Website and Improve Conversion Web presence is becoming more and more competitive. Everyone one is trying to stand out, get noticed, get higher rankings and get more customers. But getting someone to click onto your website is only the first step. People have a very short attention span and aren’t going [...]

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5 Tips To Implement a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a website is not enough to effectively compete. More companies are beginning to incorporate digital strategy into their marketing budgets to reach consumers online. Failure to adapt means losing a significant competitive advantage. Consider the following statistics: Google processes billions of search queries on a daily basis 9 million Australians use Facebook every day YouTube attracts more than 1 [...]

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Is Your Brain Limiting Your Entrepreneurial Success?

Are your entrepreneurial prospects inhibited by your own thinking? That may be the case if you don’t regularly give your brain exercise. According to scientific research, some of the benefits of brain games and teasers include the following: boosting brain activity, providing emotional satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, enhancing memory and processing speed, helping [...]

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How Gender Is Distributed Online

We would like to think the Internet is a utopia of fairness and opportunity but the reality is, some members of society miss out more than others. A surprising statistic has been revealed recently – there are 200 million fewer women online globally. This disparity is considerably worse in developing countries where female literacy rates are poor. Nearly 25% of women [...]

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