Message To Marketers: Location-Based Marketing At Its Best Is A Two-Way Street

A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that the Mobile Context and Location Services market will reach $43.3B in revenue by 2019, rising from an estimated $12.2B in 2014.  This explosive growth anticipated over the next five years is a clear indication that brands and their agencies recognize more than ever the power of location [...]

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Three Retirement Goals People Never Achieve

New and soon-to-be retirees often set lofty retirement goals based on the newfound time and opportunities once they are no longer working.  However, some of their most common goals and dreams are never even attempted, let alone achieved. Goals remain elusive because people often attach misguided thoughts and beliefs to them.  Whether they aspire to [...]

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Are You Doing The Wrong Things Right Or The Right Things Poorly? Here’s How To Tell

Those who follow Harvard Business professor Thomas J. Delong (author of Flying Without a Net) may recognize his terminology about doing “the right thing poorly.” (Delong wrote about the concept in Harvard Business Review here.) Sources also point to Guy Kawasaki’s The Macintosh Way in 1990. But this week I learned how to apply the Performance Matrix to life as [...]

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Don’t Fear Failure: It’s More Important To Make The Wrong Decision Than No Decision At All

Nobody likes to fail. Failure can be embarrassing, humiliating and emotionally upsetting, so it’s no wonder we’re naturally inclined to avoid the risk. Unfortunately, the fear of failure can also be paralyzing, which is why—as a leader in my organization—I strive to give myself and others permission to make mistakes. Without it, how can we [...]

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