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How Trust, Transparency and Community are the new currency

From Ivory Towers where greed was good, to pop up trucks, crowd sourcing, cafe hipsters, and where hanging out in ripped jeans, converse and designer headphones are now laying the platform for big business and the new currency... The world is changing at break-neck speed, since the iPhone launch in June 2007 through to the current day, everything is in the palm of our hands …I mean literally anything and it’s only going to get even more amazing. According to Peter Diamandis [...]

What is Efficiency to you?

Efficiency is the intersection of where time and money meet. The universal business saying of “ Time is Money” perfectly illustrates the need for efficiency in your business. This is even more magnified when personal funding and solo-preneurism are prevalent... The key for any business regardless of size, type and style is to do “ more with less”. This means more time up your sleeve and more money in pocket… however, unfortunately this is seldom the case. In most instances long hours [...]

How to Scale your Lead Flow fast

One of the biggest challenges that face many businesses today is the continued supply of good lead flow. I have spoken to literally thousands of business owners that have a common thread of wanting more leads and to eliminate the sporadic one week good then next month bad rollercoaster they experience. I mean you know you have a good product/ service, if only you could just get in front of people… right? Believe me, you are NOT alone. The majority of business [...]

GAP Thinking and Analysis – How to rapidly scale your business by concentrating on what really matters.

Do you have a clear idea of where you need to be in your business? When was the last time you mapped out the steps to arrive at your ideal destination? There are so many things you can concentrate on in business however, I believe the key is to only focus on the GAP of where you are right now to where you want to be…. Sooooo What’s a GAP analysis any way? A GAP analysis is a method of assessing your [...]

Stick and stones can break my bones however words can definitely hurt me

It is interesting to see what conditioning can do to us as a populous. We have borders that are imaginary and we have divided the planet into countries, states , no go zones. War has ravaged the surface of the earth and weapons of unimaginable power detonated below the surface. Reality TV thinking up all sorts of weird shit just to create ratings to generate money for corporations. The same corporations that wipe thousands in a re sizing exercise leaving their employee’s [...]

What’s in a pitch?

 How to create an engaging pitch to use at a networking event or as an intro video for your site. Touring all over the country and seeing thousands of business owners one of the biggest questions I get asked about constantly is “how do I pitch my business?” OR “what’s the best way to position and pitch my product/service?” As a business owner, we do not know how to do it, it’s more about how do you do it to a room [...]

Are you thinking like a franchise?

One of the hardest things to do in business is run your business and also get systems and processes in place in order to run more efficiently. I see this even more so in solo prenuer style business ( where their is only 1 person running the show). A question that I get asked a lot is “how do I get systems and processes done if I’m so busy running the business” and “what do I need to do first”? I suppose [...]

Customer Service Fail – When the experience doesn’t meet expectations

Kuala Lumpur April 1 2016 It’s 10am and the shops are just opening up ready for the 12 hr work day that seems to the the status quo in here. In desperate need of a coffee I head down to the local starbucks with one of my staff members ( like with every city globally you can rest assured the US giant is around) doing this for a few reasons I know the coffee isn’t incredible but you know what you’re getting [...]