What is Efficiency to you?

Efficiency is the intersection of where time and money meet. The universal business saying of “ Time is Money” perfectly illustrates the need for efficiency in your business. This is even more magnified when personal funding and solo-preneurism are prevalent... The key for any business regardless of size, type and style is to do “ [...]

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What’s in a pitch?

 How to create an engaging pitch to use at a networking event or as an intro video for your site. Touring all over the country and seeing thousands of business owners one of the biggest questions I get asked about constantly is “how do I pitch my business?” OR “what’s the best way to position [...]

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Are you thinking like a franchise?

One of the hardest things to do in business is run your business and also get systems and processes in place in order to run more efficiently. I see this even more so in solo prenuer style business ( where their is only 1 person running the show). A question that I get asked a [...]

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Why Business Owners Are Finding It So Much Harder To Communicate With Their Prospects Today And What Steps To Take To Get Cut Through.

Everywhere that I go I see people are constantly looking at these electronic notice boards called mobile phones. We use them so often that they are completely integrated into our activities, in some cases 20 out of 24 hrs in a day. The lack of people interaction is getting stronger and stronger to the point [...]

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