How many times have you told yourself “this is it I’m going to stop doing this?” or

“On Monday I’m going to start I just need to get through the weekend?”

How about the amount of promises you made only to end up in the same place you started?

Now I know the so called experts and motivational guru’s will say it’s as easy as “simply making the decision to change” though I believe that it’s easier said than done.

Lets try it shall we?

Ok from now on, that’s it right now, if you’re a smoker STOP doing it, put the smokes in the rubbish bin and never light another again. Right now!!


If you’re a chocaholic empty out the pantry and don’t even look at another cube. Do it, do it !!

Done? I didn’t think so. But you have the power to change instantaneously don’t you? You are the master of your domain the ruler of your thoughts?

If we are so powerful why is it then that we all find change so difficult to pull of?

Here’s why

1. Embedded Commands

Like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity series, we all have thoughts that are so deeply embedded that we don’t even remember who put them there and why we are still holding onto them. Or what purpose they serve.

These thought patterns are covert, hidden amongst the other trillion thoughts we have floating around inside there. They rear their ugly head at exactly the right moment we simply start to contemplate change. You know the ones right?

“How are you going to do that?”, “as if you’re going to follow through”, “you’ve tried that one before”, “here we go again”. I could rattle off a million more just like them. See these thoughts are very real – they have a life of their own.

Oh you don’t think so?

How many times have you wanted to say or do something different to the norm and then “flinched” as author Julien Smith explains in his ground breaking book “The Flinch”.

“Flinching” (to momentarily hesitate) is the physical manifestation of the thought patterns saying” I can’t do it, it’s going to be to hard, I’m useless” and so on.

Thought patterns like this can be so powerful that they are willing to sacrifice you at all cost. They make you do things that you’re not even sure why. Go shopping when you’re feeling depressed even though you know the credit card is bulging at the seams.

Continually eating sugary foods when you know you have diabetes. The one I love is you keep buying bigger clothes to cover up your bulge rather than do something about it and then justify it’s ok. I’m big boned.

2. Creatures of Habit

Have you noticed that people slow down at an accident scene even though it’s on the other side of the road? Or

They stand in line just because someone be

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