THE ART OF PROCRASTINATION!! Getting Back into the swing after the summer holidays!!

It’s interesting how a PR company (as a hoax) researched that one of the hardest (most depressing day) in the calendar year is JAN 15th…

Now they also created this fun formula. I think in Australia we can safely say that the weather part is incorrect, however I think it may actually add even more depressing feelings (going to the office and it’s a super hot day)


Now on the more serious side….

Have you been victim of feeling under the weather so to speak after the holiday festivities are over and your struggling to get back in the game?

Well I can tell you you are not alone here…

It’s always a challenge when you’re out of “routine” you’ve been eating enough food to hibernate for 10 winters, the last time you exercised was to lift a bottle out of the esky and your mind space is on “deep sleep” mode as if you were on a shuttle to Mars.

So how do you get back into it?

Have you ever noticed how procrastination actually takes thought to accomplish?

You run scenarios in your head like a computer making calculations at a million miles and hour…Should I? shouldn’t I? Maybe it’s better that I don’t because… You know the drill right?

So here is what I ‘ve found if you want to get rolling. It’s super important to start by looking at your goals for the year. What this does is it allows us to waken the thought process of thinking what needs to get done and roughly a timeline that it needs to be done in. Now one of my favourite goals is to look at the next holiday first because then you also have a reward pattern that starts working in the brain. I.e I have 6 months to the next holiday = happy thoughts.

The next part is to break it down into bite size chunks. Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you are feeling a little plump and are procrastinating about getting back to the gym as if you were at the door ready to jump out of a plane ( I’ve done that and believe me it isn’t normal to jump out of a perfectly normal plane…right? ) so my procrastination centres were producing doubt like a busy cafe making coffee at the morning rush hour.

The best way is to ease yourself into it and reframe the way you look at it. By reframing I want you to think rather than “ Oh God this is going to hurt and I’m just feeling tired today” change the frame into “ I know it’s only 60 min and lets get it done”. Have you ever noticed how we make the smallest things turn into Everest when we procrastinate or are out of routine?

Another great way I’ve found is to a few days prior to getting back into it begin setting up your normal way of doing things. Things like start preparing your meals or look at your desk and begin cleaning it so it’s ready to go. Wash the car and get it ready, iron your shirts etc etc. What this does is it takes the brain off standby mode and into ready to get to it zone.

Remember it’s about ramping yourself into the year and having an objective you want to accomplish within a given period. Bite size is better than mouthful…In this particular strategy slow and steady wins the race.

Now I want to go a little deeper…

How about if the lack of motivation is actually coming from a much darker place. The lack of interest is nothing to do with holidays or “I need to get back to work” thoughts, but instead it’s a form of depression.

A lot of people actually mix depression for laziness and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The signs are important to notice.

  • Has this been going on for a considerable time?
  • Do you feel “blue” constantly ?
  • No matter what you try you never seem to be happy?
  • Is “self medicating” through alcohol or drugs (prescription or other) becoming out of your control?
  • Are you experiencing addictive behaviour? and the list goes on…

It’s a topic that’s a little hidden or glossed over by the approach of “have a go mate” especially in most 1st world countries where you’re judged on “hustle, hustle, hustle” mindsets brought on by the Instagram life or so called “successful people”.

So if you feel this way don’t be ashamed or embarrassed know that there is help if you want it. Simply bringing it to the surface and discussing it begins the healing process, I know this can be extremely challenging so first acknowledging that there maybe a problem and then seeking professional advice may be the best approach…it’s for you to decide.

In this episode I have a great podcast you may want to check out through my good friend Erik Kerr on this very topic.

So the best part about it is it’s the beginning of the new year and the possibility of what lays ahead is awesome…So whether you’re getting yourself back into the swing and you just need a little push to get into it or you need to check in with yourself and deal with some stuff, hey it’s all cool I can only trust the universe has got your back either way

So I wish you the best of the year ahead and remember that the only way is UP !!

Nick P

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  1. Nani February 8, 2018 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    Great post to read as always Nick!!

    • Team Nick Psaila February 8, 2018 at 7:29 pm - Reply

      Thanks Nani, I hope you liked it!

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