System Failure

What happens when you run the risk of running your business without having any systems in place? On the 2nd of Nov 2014 the Virgin Galactic Airship crashed to earth. The cause of tech failure uncovered that the pilot did not follow a particular system process that needed to be done at MAC 1.4. Unfortunately [...]

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Cool Kids Corner – Evernote (The Productivity Boss)

Over 100 million people worldwide use the universal platform app - Evernote. There is a reason that Evernote is the most popular app that I teach and coach entrepreneurs to integrate into their business. But yet, many entrepreneurs don’t understand its appeal. In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably downloaded Evernote at one time [...]

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8 inexpensive ways to market your small business

Running a small business can be a challenge right? You have a lot of hats to wear to keep everyone happy. Most business owners usually go into business because they’re really good at being the “technician” - just think why you went into business? You felt you could provide your product or service better than [...]

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Leadership, Service And Sustaining The Customer Experience

If you want to deliver consistently great service and a sustainably great customer experience, your leadership focus needs to be different from what’s required to maintain production capacity in manufacturing. This is because your organization’s ability to provide service is overwhelmingly affected by how engaged—how professionally ‘‘alive’’—the employees are who come in contact with customers. Employee engagement, in turn, is propelled [...]

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The Longest Lasting Emotions In Customer Experience

I’m really interested in the emotional and psychological side of customer service and customer experience. As a result, I’m always on the look out for new and interesting research findings that can inform and provide insight into customer experience strategy decisions. One piece of research that I recently came across, via PsyBlog, was published in the [...]

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Taming Your Inner Critic: 7 Steps To Silencing The Negativity

The private conversations you have with yourself can be either a powerful stepping stone or a major obstacle to reaching your goals.  If your inner monologue repeats things like, “I’m going to embarrass myself,” or “No one is going to talk to me,” as you walk you into a cocktail party, you probably won’t appear relaxed and approachable. [...]

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Want Another Tool To Help Your Startup Get Off The Ground? Here’s One, And It’s Free

OMSAT, created by Ornicept founder Russel Conard, was built to help entrepreneurs and investors gauge market size. It’s a common little dance done between entrepreneurs and the investors they’re trying to win over: “This is a $20 billion market—I’m confident we can grab at least one percent of it.” Investors smile and nod, knowing full well [...]

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Message To Marketers: Location-Based Marketing At Its Best Is A Two-Way Street

A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that the Mobile Context and Location Services market will reach $43.3B in revenue by 2019, rising from an estimated $12.2B in 2014.  This explosive growth anticipated over the next five years is a clear indication that brands and their agencies recognize more than ever the power of location [...]

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