Are You Doing The Wrong Things Right Or The Right Things Poorly? Here’s How To Tell

Those who follow Harvard Business professor Thomas J. Delong (author of Flying Without a Net) may recognize his terminology about doing “the right thing poorly.” (Delong wrote about the concept in Harvard Business Review here.) Sources also point to Guy Kawasaki’s The Macintosh Way in 1990. But this week I learned how to apply the Performance Matrix to life as [...]

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Don’t Fear Failure: It’s More Important To Make The Wrong Decision Than No Decision At All

Nobody likes to fail. Failure can be embarrassing, humiliating and emotionally upsetting, so it’s no wonder we’re naturally inclined to avoid the risk. Unfortunately, the fear of failure can also be paralyzing, which is why—as a leader in my organization—I strive to give myself and others permission to make mistakes. Without it, how can we [...]

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How You Answer 3 Questions Will Determine Your Leadership Success

I began the month July by celebrating the Entrepreneurial Freedom we enjoy in the United States. Throughout the month, I highlighted Socially Conscious Businesses and Entrepreneurs who combine making big profits with making a profound impact in their communities and the world. Those companies didn't get to where they are today by chance. Great leaders, ones [...]

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Develop A Strategy That Gives You An Edge

Planning for marketing and advertising efforts isn’t all that difficult.  It’s just hard work and a lot of detail. Most plans I see are thick. Even on-screen they seem to have the heft of a 500-page effort. I try to simplify by looking for four pretty basic elements. These aren’t textbook definitions, they’re my personal [...]

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Word Of Mouth On Social Media Can Make Your Brand Great

Customers,  talking about you on social media is what you want, and the way you respond makes all the difference to the reader. Here is what I think is really true: Start with interesting and informative posts. If edgy will help, then by all means, be edgy.A few days ago, researching the pretzel business, and gaining five [...]

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6 Tools for Creating High Performance Teams

The world is replete with organizations with great strategies. But how many of those great strategies are actually executed? Less than 15%. That's the number that John Spence shared with me when we spoke recently. John is the author Awesomely Simple, and an executive trainer and coach who has worked as a trusted advisor with numerous Fortune 500 [...]

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