Here’s Why Mastering Self-belief Is Inextricably Linked To Succeeding In Business

“What you believe about yourself and your world is the primary determinant to what you do and, ultimately, how well you do it,” - Stan Beecham, Elite Minds: Creating the Competitive Advantage. Every day we’re bombarded with a tonne of messages doing their best to convince us that we don’t measure up in all aspects [...]

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The Human Spirit

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. - African Proverb It’s Saturday morning 9am, I ring the bell hanging from the wall that gives off the signal… Breakfast is being served. In come a steady stream of people lining up in single file. One by one they shuffle down the [...]

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The buck stops here

The buck stops here...Why leading by example is good business!! 6 Battle Tested leadership lessons I learnt from the US navy seals. I’ve been searching for what it takes to run a successful business for years now and to be honest it’s not just one thing it’s a combination of many little parts of the [...]

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Taming Your Inner Critic: 7 Steps To Silencing The Negativity

The private conversations you have with yourself can be either a powerful stepping stone or a major obstacle to reaching your goals.  If your inner monologue repeats things like, “I’m going to embarrass myself,” or “No one is going to talk to me,” as you walk you into a cocktail party, you probably won’t appear relaxed and approachable. [...]

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Three Retirement Goals People Never Achieve

New and soon-to-be retirees often set lofty retirement goals based on the newfound time and opportunities once they are no longer working.  However, some of their most common goals and dreams are never even attempted, let alone achieved. Goals remain elusive because people often attach misguided thoughts and beliefs to them.  Whether they aspire to [...]

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Don’t Fear Failure: It’s More Important To Make The Wrong Decision Than No Decision At All

Nobody likes to fail. Failure can be embarrassing, humiliating and emotionally upsetting, so it’s no wonder we’re naturally inclined to avoid the risk. Unfortunately, the fear of failure can also be paralyzing, which is why—as a leader in my organization—I strive to give myself and others permission to make mistakes. Without it, how can we [...]

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