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Over 100 million people worldwide use the universal platform app – Evernote. There is a reason that Evernote is the most popular app that I teach and coach entrepreneurs to integrate into their business.

But yet, many entrepreneurs don’t understand its appeal. In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably downloaded Evernote at one time or another, and maybe played around with it a little. But, soon you began to ignore the app and maybe even discarded it, because you didn’t quite know how to use it and what to use it for.

That said, if you are an Evernote newbie or you are looking for ways to rekindle your Evernote relationship, I put together the top 9 reasons why millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners (including myself) love to use Evernote as their go-to place for remembering everything in their business and personal life.

1.Store and access your content anywhere – because Evernote is a multi-platform app, you can download it to your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. (Since your Evernote account is cloud-based, you can even access your content from any web browser.) This gives you access to your content anywhere, anytime, and from any device – even if you are not using your own device.

2.Content Management – collect information about different topics; keep written, audio and photo notes from client conversations, meetings and seminars; scan magazine articles; capture whiteboard notes; clip website pages; forward emails; draft articles and blogs. Entrepreneurs deal with vast quantities of information from many sources, and Evernote keeps it organized, searchable, and manageable.

3.Business Card Scanning and CRM – from your mobile device, Evernote offers the ability to take a picture of collected business cards and automatically extracts all relevant contact information and puts it into a contact Note. Better yet, if you link Evernote to your Linkedin account, it will automatically search and capture the contact’s Linkedin photo and their profile page link and include that information in the contact Note. Plus, Evernote will then save the contact’s information directly to your local address book app. You can do all this just by taking a picture of a business card. <== This is so cool!

4.Digitize Your Hand Written Notes – Are you the type of person who still likes to handwrite paper notes from meetings, seminars, webinars, etc.? Instead of having piles of old notebooks and single sheets of paper, you can quickly snap a picture of your notes and organize them in Evernote. In fact, once your hand-written notes are in Evernote, you can actually search for keywords and phrases in your notes.

5.It’s Great for Task/GTD Management– Evernote can really be used as a “Life Management” tool. Being organized and staying on task removes clutter from your mind and office (and your home life). Evernote’s Notebook, Stacks, Tags, and Search features help entrepreneurs stay on task, get more done in less time, and have a greater peace of mind throughout the day.

6.It Works as a Digital Reference System – Great for Research Work or Archiving Material – Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we are constantly acquiring content that helps us grow our business and expand our knowledge base and skill sets. Having one place to store, organize, and quickly retrieve this information is incredibly powerful.

7.Automating Workflows – All entrepreneurs have various systems and routines in place to help them take action in their day-to-day business and client relations. Because Evernote is highly customizable, these common routines or “workflows” can be uniquely consolidated and automated in one place for maximum efficiency.

8.Share and Collaborate With Clients – Evernote has a Note and Notebook sharing feature that allows entrepreneurs to share Notes and Notebooks with clients through embedded email messages, web access, or if the client uses Evernote, right in their Evernote account. Furthermore, you can collaborate with your clients by giving them permission to change and modify shared Notes.

9.It’s Like Having Your Own Google Search For Your Notes – Evernote’s search and sort tools are unmatched. Entrepreneurs can easily search for their content by Note, Notebook, Tags, and keywords or phrases located within typed or scanned handwritten notes, in photos, images, pdf’s, word docs, and other file attachments. Searches can be conducted by date created or updated, location created (even shows your note locations on a map), specific type of media (ex: audio, image, web clip, pdf), and more. If you find yourself searching the same thing over and over, you can save your most frequent searches.

There you go! I just shared with you the top nine reasons why millions of entrepreneurs love using Evernote (and I’m definitely one of them). But really, there are hundreds more reasons. If you are not using Evernote in your business, seriously consider doing so. If you need help learning and integrating Evernote, do yourself and business a favor, invest in quality Evernote training or coaching.

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