How to supercharge your business using solution based thinking …

They say that every problem has a solution…right? Well yes but often it’s how do we think about solutions when there are so many obstacles that seem to compound themselves in business. Whether it is staff, cashflow, marketing , conversions, stock control and list goes on, the key is to start by using the following strategies in order to take control and deal with any obstacle that throws itself at you. As you know there will always be problems it’s how we deal with them is super critical.

The reason? Some people just get stuck dwelling on what happened in the past pr what’s presented itself in the present and this tends to aonly waste energy. You know you can’t do anything about the past except be Ok with it and move on. I like to think that the past is great R+D for the future. I.e what you learn from you can apply into the future. See the more energy we spend on things that are out of control the kless energy we have to think a different way. Worrying about stuff is tiring …right? I know I used to be a master worrier, however now I think solutions rather than problems.

So here are 4 ways to use solution based thinking to deal with any challenge that may present itself in your life.

    1. Identify and accept your current state– It is important that you regain control over your decision and inorder to do that I would suggest that you identity that this is where you are at at this current moment and that you accept that you also have the ability to change your status by thinking of solutions rather than becoming stuck by the problems itself.
    2. Ask questions – what 3 solutions can I create for this problem? When you switch from looking at the problems to that of solutions and continue thinking solutions based what you will find is that practice creates habits and as such every problem if dealt with from a 3 or more solution process, any problem can be solved.


  • Create a plan Step 1-5 – once you have established which solution you are happy to use and that suits your problem in the most efficient way, laying down some kind of plan to apply the solution just makes logical sense and allows you to also create a measurable outcome.
  • Increase and apply your activity towards the solution – By increasing the momentum and intensity of your activity towards your chosen solution you create inertia towards achieving the desired outcome you have originally planned for.


Remember training your brain to think solution based rather than problem focused is what ends up being the norm. You will find that not many things become hard to figure out and also your ability to solve problems rather than dwell on them becomes second nature.


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